New from Dolphin: Solutions for Producing Alternative Formats

Dolphin has developed a range of tools to produce information in alternative formats. EasyConverter is an exciting product which could prove invaluable to college document production units. It’s a fast, flexible solution which allows you to quickly convert a range of original formats (including Word documents, PDFs and web pages) into Braille, MP3 audio, large print and DAISY (easily navigated digital audio book). The programme is very user-friendly and simple. EasyConverter even integrates with existing software, so if, for instance, you use Duxbury to produce Braille, EasyConverter will automatically use Duxbury when you use it to create Braille.

Books in DAISY format are useful to students who are blind, have low vision, are dyslexic or have other difficulties reading. DAISY books combine audio and on-screen highlighted text and allow users to navigate by heading and page number. The user can also add notes and bookmark pages.

As a more affordable and simple alternative to their sophisticated Publisher software, Dolphin has launched EasyProducer, which enables students and staff to convert any Word document into a DAISY digital talking book.

DAISY books can be read using hardware (a range is available from the RNIB who use DAISY format for their talking book library) or software such as TextHelp Read and Write Gold. Dolphin also provide inexpensive software to read DAISY books on a computer in the form of EasyReader.

For more about all the products mentioned above, go to the Dolphin website at We have demonstration disks and video tutorials on CD for EasyProducer in the BRITE Centre. As before, if you would like some, email or pick up some disks next time you’re in the Centre.

Would you be interested in finding out more about these new products at hands-on training seminar? Get in touch to let us know!

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