BRITE Needs Assessors’ Forum October 2008

On the 27th October, BRITE hosted the first BRITE Needs Assessors’ Forum. This Forum was for any BRITE graduate or participant at the module 4 stage. This inaugural meeting started with an opportunity for people to get to know each other, and to outline their local context. Each participant had also been asked to come with 3 questions/experiences/challenges to discuss through the course of the afternoon. This was carried out through paired activities, then small groups, before coming back together to summarise.

There was a range of subjects discussed/identified including:

• The provision of non-medical personal help
• Developing resources as a needs assessing centre
• Evidence gathering process for dyslexia
• Identifying and using equipment suppliers
• Concerns of having enough time for own professional development
• Providing demos and training in assistive equipment
• Needs assessing students with complex needs

This was a great opportunity for sounding out ideas with colleagues facing similar challenges and issues, and a source of information and encouragement for all. The success of this sort of Forum rests mainly with the input of the participants, and the input from all was greatly appreciated.

It was not anticipated that this would be a one-off event that would ‘provide all the answers’ and people left expressing that it had been a useful event, but can we do it again, and have more time! There was also an expression of interest in having regional meetings facilitated by BRITE. If there is sufficient interest in this then BRITE will take it forward – let us know what you think, and we can build this in to our planning for the rest of this academic session.

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