A BRITE summer

As you might expect, there’s been a lot happening at BRITE in the run-up to summer! We delivered a new seminar in partnership with Equality Forward on the topic of Visual Impairment: Orientation, independent mobility and navigation techniques. With a variety of contributors speaking about different aspects of mobility, including BRITE’s own Monty Lilburn describing his work on an innovative GPS project, it was a packed and informative afternoon.

On the subject of seminars, we’d like to remind colleagues in Scottish further education colleges that we really do welcome ideas and suggestions for seminar topics. So far this year, we’ve responded to requests for seminars on scotopic sensitivity and on Personal Learning and Support Plans. Additonally, in June, we piloted a virtual version of the PLSP seminar for people who couldn’t make it to the face-to-face event.

Our Autumn/Winter 2009 programme will be announced at the start of September. To make sure you receive notification when the new seminar programme is announced, keep an eye on the News page of our main website for the addition of an e-news sign-up box.

May saw a group complete Module 3 of the BRITE PDA in Inclusiveness: Facilitating Strategies to Support Learners with Additional Needs and in June we welcomed a new cohort onto the PDA. Also in June, the action moved overseas (well, over the Irish Sea!) for the graduation ceremony of our first group of participants from Northern Ireland. More details about the NI graduation are on the News page.

Remember that the BRITE Centre remains open throughout the summer, so if you’d like to get in touch, someone will be available to assist you.

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