Coming soon to the BRITE website

This summer the BRITE team will be busy creating new and updated online resources. New developments will be highlighted in the news box on our home page and via the new BRITE e-Newsletter (see previous post for more about having BRITE News sent direct to your Inbox!).

We will also be launching a brand new Virtual Staffroom, created using Moodle, in time for the new academic session. Guidance on using the new version will be available in the Virtual Staffroom area of the BRITE website. Members will be sent log-in reminders when the new VS is officially launched.

The Virtual Staffroom is an online community and resource for FE staff who have completed, or who are currently undertaking, the BRITE PDA in Inclusiveness: Facilitating Strategies to Support Learners with Additional Needs. You can find out who your college BRITE Link participant is by visiting the BRITE People Page.

We’re also particularly excited to announce that soon you can look forward to regular vodcasts via the BRITE website! Filming is already underway and the first three themes are scheduled to be:

1. Remember the Beattie report?
2. What is (and isn’t) inclusiveness?
3. Auditing for inclusiveness

Colleges which join our Equipment Loan Bank can also look forward to enhanced on-line features, including equipment reviews and helpful tips from previous borrowers. Information about joining the BRITE Equipment Loan Bank, or renewing existing memberships will be sent to all BRITE Links at the start of the new session.

We have lots more planned, so do make sure you visit the website regularly!

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