BRITE Needs Assessors’ Forum June 09

The 2nd BRITE Needs Assessors’ Forum took place mid-June, and was full to capacity with BRITE-links who have either graduated with the full PDA, or who are currently working through module 4.

The first part of the morning was taken up with an opportunity for the participants to share in small groups their process of needs assessing and implementing support. The groups were tasked with identifying 4 aspects: Common Practice; Differences; Strengths; and Challenges. This proved to be a really useful chance to learn from sharing good practice, and was further developed through a feedback session at the end of the small group work. Each participant was able to gain an understanding how other colleges were operating, and the chance to delve deeper into the workings of different practice.

Before lunch, Lucy Naismith from Humanware came in to spend 45 minutes updating participants with very impressive magnification devices for people with a visual impairment. This was a very informative session, with an opportunity for ‘hands-on’ and 1-1 discussions over lunch. Our thanks go to Lucy for taking the time to be with the forum. Further information on Humanware products is available at or from Lucy at

After lunch the forum had an opportunity to reflect upon and discuss the ramifications of the Review of DSA Report. This session was ably led by Alison Cox, who had sat on the sub-group which had significant input to the report in relation to ‘diagnosis.’ A lot of valuable information was provided, and many questions answered, including in relation to payment for diagnosis, and the role of an educational psychologist in the assessment of a student with dyslexia.

The session was rounded-off with an open-question time, and an opportunity for participants to share questions and challenges with colleagues, and to benefit from the group’s shared knowledge and experience.

Further Forums are planned for the 09/10 session – so look out for more information in the monthly BRITE e-news.

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