Online learning: social photo stories from Common Knowledge

CK Bullying ScreenshotCommon Knowledge is a Glasgow-based initiative which makes the most of online technology to produce innovative learning resources for adults with learning disabilities. Their websites contain inspiring examples of how to use photographs and students/service-user involvement to create information that is accessible, engaging, age-appropriate and relevant.

CK’s resources could be used in college with groups looking at topics related to independent living and confidence-building. A new site, CK Respect, provides information and support about how to deal with bullying and harassment, while CK Sex Talk looks at relationships, including tips for staying safe online. Both sites utilize photostories looking at real-life situations, with accessible features like audio and (something I haven’t seen before!) a feature which converts words into txtspk.

If you are impressed by these photostories, but are not sure how to go about making your own, Common Knowledge can help you to tell your story using this new format. CK work with actors with learning difficulties, a script-writer, sound engineer and photographer to create multimedia online photo stories that will put your message across easily. Email for more information.

Also worth noting, is that in December, The Market Place will showcase the talents of groups and individuals with learning difficulties all over Scotland. Held in Glasgow, from 11am-3pm, there will be free exhibition stands where you can sell products or raise awareness about work done by people with learning difficulties. Do you do something that looks interesting? Then do a demo or workshop to show others. Proud of your project? Show a short film or exhibit art or photos. To book a place, contact Jackie at

Image from the CK photostory Bullying at College. Reproduced with permission from Common Knowledge.

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