Phonak Focus Day – 25th September in Stirling

If you have a particular interest in technology for learners who use hearing aids or cochlear implants, you may like to go along to this FREE one day event at Stirling Management Centre, looking in depth at the latest products from Phonak.

Phonak designs and develops high-end hearing aids and FM (radio aid) systems and are about to launch brand new versions of their advanced listening technology, including an improved Smartlink transmitter – a popular device with BRITE’s equipment loan bank users.

In addition to looking at the latest innovations in hearing aid technology, there will be an introduction to Dynamic FM (systems which detect noise levels and adjust automatically to the environment) as well as news about field studies and trends in FM use. A new insurance scheme may be of particular interest to the education sector. Some cochlear implant manufacturers will also be exhibiting.

While attendance is free, places are limited so you do need to reserve a place. To make a booking, send an email to or call the Phonak marketing department on 01925 623 600. If you are unable to attend, key points will be posted here on the BRITE blog later.

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