New version of Co:Writer word prediction and literacy support software

A new, enhanced version of the long-established word prediction and literacy support software, Co:Writer, was launched at the Scottish Learning Festival in September. Providing contextualised support to learners who have difficulty with spelling, typing, or translating thoughts into writing, Co:Writer retains its intelligent support features, but now has an even easier-to-use interface plus additional handy tools.

Details of new features, training opportunities and great prices for Scottish education are outlined below, but why not enjoy a proper look at Co:Writer by accessing some short online video demonstrations? Visit the Co:Writer page and click on ‘Watch the Product Demo’ for an introduction.

You’ll then have access to lots of other video resources. If you’re new to the software, have a look at ‘What sets Co:Writer apart?’ which explains the ways in which the support Co:Writer provides differs from other types of word prediction software, in particular its Linguistic Word Prediction system, which identifies the grammatical value of words to support learners to write correctly structured sentences.

So… what’s new in Co:Writer 6?

People who have used previous version of Co:Writer should note that:

  • It is now optional to sign in at the start – sign-in can be skipped to begin working right away!
  • There is only one simple word prediction window (the little  ‘palette’ has gone)
  • There is a new high quality speech engine
  • Text can be read back in documents and from the web – just select and click ‘speak’
  • The word prediction window can be used as a highly effective spell-checker – click on a word to get suggestions – Flexspell helps to identify words that have been spelled phonetically
  • Words can be quickly added to the personal dictionary
  • A new WordBbank feature suggests key topic words to help learners get started writing about a specific topic
  • Network capabilities are built in

Great prices for Scottish education!

While the US version of C0:Writer 6 is now shipping, the UK version should be available towards the end of November. Educational institutions may purchase the software for a significantly reduced price via Learning and Teaching Scotland, and needs assessors should claim a free demonstration/evaluation copy by contacting Jamie Munro at Inclusive Technology (once you have your copy, download the Train in 30 Minutes tutorial to get you started!)

Training opportunities

The JISC RSC N&E in Edinburgh is hosting FREE Accredited Co:Writer Training on the morning of 6th November. Participants will receive a free copy of the software on completion, plus an accredited trainer certificate. Click here for details and to book a place.

If you are unable to make it along to JISC on the 6th, the BRITE training suite also has Co:Writer and we can provide training sessions, just get in touch to request a full training session, or an informal familiarisation visit. Training and demonstrations of other literacy support software are also available at BRITE.

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