HumanWare ‘BrailleNote in Education’ Training Day in Glasgow

BrailleNote Image from HumanwareHumanWare, manufacturers of the well-established BrailleNote will be holding a ‘BrailleNote in Education’ Training Day in Glasgow, on Wednesday 2nd December 2009.

Martin Griffiths, HumanWare’s Training and Customer Support Manager, and his team are running this free training day designed specifically to meet the needs of teachers and support staff of students with BrailleNotes. Training will be offered at both Beginner and Intermediate level.

This training day presents an excellent opportunity for delegates to discuss ideas with other people involved in the education of blind students using HumanWare’s Braille Technology. If you would like further information or to book a place on this training day, please contact Rachel Thorpe on 01933 415800 or via email on

For those of you new to the technology, a Braille notetaker is essentially a small portable computer without a screen. Students can input notes using Braille keys, of which there are usually 9 including the spacebar. There may also be additional keys for navigation.

If the student is a very competent Braillist, then this input method could be faster than typing. It is also possible to have a QWERTY keyboard on a Braille Notetaker, which students may prefer if they are more used to using a laptop or PC. Information is output both as speech and on a refreshable Braille display. 

A BrailleNote and other Braille technology is available to Scottish member colleges via the BRITE Equipment Loan Bank and we can also provide support with using these devices. If you have any questions about BrailleNotes or other technology that is useful to blind students please get in touch.

To find out more about Braille notetakers and other note taking solutions for students with different support needs, check out the BRITE resource, Take Note.

Image from the Humanware website reproduced with permission from Lucy Naismith at Humanware.

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