New portable Soundfield System

A soundfield system is a ‘whole class’ inclusive technology which ensures that the tutor’s speech is delivered to all parts of the classroom at an appropriate level above the background noise. This technology is of benefit for everyone in the classroom, not just hearing aid or cochlear implant users. A soundfield system can reduce vocal fatigue in lecturers and improve class control and attentiveness.

Typically, a system consists of a transmitter with a microphone, a receiver/amplifier and 4-6 wall-mounted speakers. While effective, this set-up can be expensive and availability is restricted to the specific rooms where the system has been installed. However, Connevans has designed a new soundfield system which combines a speaker, infra-red receiver and amplifier into a single unit. This unit can either be wall-mounted, or moved around a college. Featuring attractive design, the Swift provides a natural sound. The image will give you an idea of the size and stylish look of the unit. Lecturers will find the infrared neck-worn microphone lightweight and easy to use.

It is important to note that whole class technology is not a substitute for remedying poor classroom acoustics. To find out more about what your college can do to improve the acoustic conditions in classrooms, visit the acoustics area of the FACE for Deaf Students website, which contains handy tips for everyday use, plus more detailed information for estates departments.

Image of Swift reproduced with permission from Connevans.

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