Learning Support Assistants working with Deaf young people in Schools and Colleges

The Scottish Sensory Centre is hosting this one-day training course in Edinburgh on Wednesday 9 December 2009. Aimed at Learning Support Assistants working in schools or colleges, the course will consist of basic deaf awareness training which will include:

  • How well do you hear? 
  • Noises in the classroom
  • Why do young Deaf people struggle with English language?
  • How do young Deaf people learn?
  • Discussion of different communication tactics
  • Audiology workshops focusing on linking radio aids to cochlear implants and hearing aids and making use of listening tests.

This day will also provide an opportunity to explore some of the issues involved in supporting deaf learners, e.g. promoting independent learning skills and working effectively with classroom teachers.

Presenters include: Mary Whittaker, Deaf Awareness presenter,
Joe O’Donnell, Educational Audiologist, Donaldson’s and
Eileen Burns, Teacher of Deaf Pupils Garvel Deaf Centre

The fee to attend is £80. For more information about this and other courses, and to book a place, visit the SSC website.

Those of you who have attended BRITE seminars focussing on assessing the needs of deaf students, will remember the Scottish Sensory Centre’s Rachel O’Neill’s useful tips, and Joe O’Donnell’s engaging presentations on listening technology and deciphering audiograms. For those who missed those seminars, a review of these sessions is on the News area of the BRITE website (scroll down to the bottom of the page).

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