Sight and Sound Technologies Demonstration

Sight & Sound Technology recently demonstrated some of their latest products at the RNIB Employment and Learning Centre in Edinburgh.

The Freedom Scientific Focus40 Blue Braille display is a light-weight portable Braille display solution that can connect to a pC/laptop/netbook via USB or wireless Bluetooth. Once connected, a screen reader such as JAWS for Windows can communicate the screen’s contents to the Braille display. This technology solution is suitable for someone who is deaf-blind or someone who would benefit from having information physically presented which can be very helpful for maths and sciences. In addition, the Focus40 Blue has a Braille keyboard that can be used to input information into the user’s computer.

The EuroBraille/ESYS line of Braille displays also connect to a computer running a screen reader via USB and Bluetooth. In addition to the very similar functionality to the Focus40 Blue (mentioned above), these units also contain rudimentary note taker applications.

For more information please visit:

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