Phonak FM Hands-on Workshops in Glasgow and Edinburgh April 2010

FM radio aid systems are valuable tools to help students with hearing aids or cochlear implants hear better in noisy college environments. However, the technology is moving at such a fast pace, it can sometimes be difficult to keep up!

Phonak is running some practical (and free!) Hands-on Workshops to help you to update your skills. The Phonak team can cover any topic that you wish and the itinerary is set by the participants. However, for those of you who are perhaps new to the technology or who aren’t sure what to suggest, here are some ideas:

  • FM Fault Finding
  • Balancing a Dynamic FM system
  • FM & Cochlear Implants
  • inspiro usage
  • Multitalker Network Setup
  • FM Successware
  • Phonak NHS hearing instrument overview
  • General questions & answers

Remember these days are yours – so feel free to ask the team anything you wish. Dates, venues, agenda and booking information follow.

Date: Wednesday 28th April
Venue: Radisson Blu Hotel &
Resort, 301 Argyle Street,
Glasgow, G2 8DL

Date: Thursday 29th April
Venue: Macdonald Holyrood Hotel,
81 Holyrood Road,
Edinburgh, EH8 8AU

10am Arrival and Refreshments
10.15am Balancing a dynamic FM system
11.15am Dynamic FM & Implants
12.00pm Lunch
12.30pm Multi Talker Network Demonstration
1.15pm Successware Training
2.00pm Close

To reserve your space please contact Tony Murphy, FM Manager on:
Tel 01925 623 600
Mob 07766 993 468

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