Study Day on the Use of Eye Gaze for Communication

Individual using eye-gaze technologyA Study Day to be held on Tuesday 9th November 2010 will explore issues surrounding eye gaze within both low tech and high tech communication systems and will help to raise awareness of the advantages and disadvantages of such systems.

Eye Gaze or Eye Pointing has long been used to enable individuals with little movement to communicate.  In the last few years there has been a massive growth in the availability of high tech systems which allow users to control a computer or communication aid using only their eyes.

Speakers include:

  • Dr Mick Donegan from the University of East London and previously coordinator of the User Requirements element of the COGAIN project, which led research into the use of eye gaze technology by people with disabilities
  • Janet Scott, SCTCI, will present a number of short case studies providing a glimpse of some of the people who have worked with SCTCI to use eye gaze as their means of access to communication.
  • Claire Latham, formerly from the ACE Centre in Oxford will describe their Look2Talk project on learning to communicate by eye pointing to low tech systems.

The day is being run by Augmentative Communication In Practice: Scotland.  Full details of the day and how to register can be found on their site

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