Switch Assessment Kit

SwitchThe latest addition to the BRITE Equioment Loan Bank is a range of equipment to assess whether a individual with Profound and Complex Needs can use switches as a method of access.  For many individuals with very limited movement a single switch or two switches may be the only way they can interact with a computer or other technology.

The BRITE Equipment Loan Bank was established so that Scottish colleges could borrow equipment to trial with students before they make the commitment to purchase.  Loans are accessed through the BRITE participant in your college.  If you don’t know who this is then you can check here.

The Switch Assessment Kit contains a range of switches and a laptop installed with software designed to be switch accessible.  There are also some interfaces to enable switches to activate mains and battery powered devices.  If you have any questions about the kit, or switch use in general please get in touch with Fil McIntyre (one of BRITE’s Assistive Technologists) via our contact page.

Full details of how your college can join the BRITE Equipment Loan Bank can be obtained by contacting BRITE.

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