Communication Matters Road Show visits Northern Ireland in June

While BRITE is a Scottish initiative, the success of our virtual training which takes place entirely online, has enabled participants from further afield to join us.

At the moment, many of our online trainees are based in Northern Ireland. With this in mind, we’ll endeavour to include news of events relevant to all our trainees as our readership expands.

On June 21st 2011 the Communication Matters Road Show will visit Belfast. These days are free to attend, but you do need to register in advance.

The focus of the day is on the latest technology for people with complex needs who may require specialist technology to communicate and/or to access a computer by alternative means.

The Road Shows have a friendly atmosphere and are useful both to experienced practitioners looking for an update, as well as those new to this technology who would just like an introduction. The UK’s leading AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication) suppliers will be demonstrating an exciting range of equipment and software. There will be opportunities for questions and hands-on with systems, plus lots of valuable handouts and literature to pick up.
Click here for more information about who should attend, venue location and to book your place.

You may even just be interested to look at the Communications Matters website as, in addition to providing lots of information about AAC, it uses the Widgit Point tool: when you hover your mouse pointer over a word, the Widgit symbol(s) for that word automatically appear, providing support to readers who have difficulty recognising or understanding some words.

To find out more about Widgit, symbols and the range of symbol-based software available, visit the Widgit website.

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