Tablet Tools Seminar

Wednesday 23rd November saw the first run of BRITE’s Tablet Tools seminar.  This was hosted at Motherwell College and delivered by Niall Hardie and Fil McIntyre.  The main tablet used was the iPad, but other tablets such as those using Android were also discussed.

Many topics were covered including accessibility, note taking and voice recognition, but what participants said they valued most was getting some hands-on experience with an iPad and discussing how it might support students in their studies.  Ninety percent of participants had not touched an iPad before the seminar so after a short introduction they were encouraged to try the device out for themselves.

With that base of knowledge the participants were taken through a range of apps for note taking, organisation, reading and voice input/output.  Discussions were led around where tablets fit in to education, what situations are suitable for their use and how do we assess student need?

This seminar proved to be very popular and was over-subscribed.  We’ll be running this session again in 2012, so keep an eye on the Seminar page of the BRITE website for further details.  To receive the latest seminar news, sign up to the BRITE eNews via our home page.

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