Host a BRITE seminar and receive free training for your employees

We’d love to hear from you if you’re interested in hosting a seminar during the next academic session.

In exchange for providing facilities and refreshments, you’ll receive a minimum of 6 free places on the seminar for your employees. We provide the seminar content, teaching staff, marketing, and admin.

If your institution would be interested in hosting one of the following seminars, please get in touch with our training manager, Niall, at

Inclusive Classroom

Tools, tips and techniques to make your learning environment more inclusive, and to reduce barriers to learning

Creating Dyslexia Friendly Institutions

Practical examples and ideas to ensure that your institution is ‘dyslexia friendly’

Tablet Tools

iPads and Android Tablets are the fastest growing computing tools – how can they be utilised as an assistive technology?

Notetaking Solutions

Notetaking is an essential part of the educational process – what tools and strategies can be used to help everyone be more effective?

ESW Key Skills

An introductory seminar focusing on the key skills that educational support workers need in order to undertake their role effectively

Assistive Software: Free versus Paid

With tightened budgets, free assistive software is becoming more and more popular.  Which is best, what are the pitfalls, and how do you decide?

Profound and Complex Needs/Transition Information and Planning

A seminar focusing on assistive technology and strategies to support students with profound and complex needs, as well as an introduction to the TrIP resource which supports the transition process

Creative Classroom Tools – Prezi and Animoto

A focus on 2 creative tools for presentations, discussions, and assessments – bring variety, creativity and engagement to your teaching and learning strategies

Creating Accessible Documents

Learn effective ways of ensuring that your PowerPoint, Word and PDF documents are accessible to all learners

Learn more

Click here for comprehensive descriptors for all these seminars.  All these seminars are half-day in length, and can accommodate at least 12 participants (it may be possible to accommodate more for some seminars depending on content, resources and accommodation).

Host institutions will have guaranteed access to a minimum of 6 free places at their hosted seminar.  Hosts will have responsibility for securing appropriate accommodation and presenter facilities, as well as providing tea/coffee refreshments.  BRITE will provide the seminar content, teaching staff, marketing, and administration.

Hosts will be chosen on the following criteria:

  • Date of response
  • Geographical location – to ensure a fair geographical spread
  • Demand for specific seminars
  • Agreed date for delivery

Exclusive training for your institution or organisation

If you are interested in BRITE providing training specifically for your institution, perhaps as part of your Quality Days, please get in touch directly.  A half day seminar for the college sector is at the reduced rate of £350* – less than £30* per head for 12 attendees (*plus incidental travel costs).

To discuss hosting or exclusive training further contact our training manager, Niall Hardie:


Twitter: @BRITE_Niall

Tel: 01383 749605

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