“It gives much-deserved recognition to a very challenging role”

Our SQA-accredited course Educational Support Worker: Professionalism in Practice begins in October.

Due to a high uptake of our offer to deliver the course in-house to specific institutions, there are no places available on the face-to-face version of the course.

However, individuals are welcome to apply for the remaining places on the virtual version of the course: vESW. Choose this option, and along with the convenience and flexibility of studying online, you’ll achieve exactly the same qualification as those attending in person.

Still not sure if vESW for you? Here’s what a previous participant had to say…

My experience in participating on the vESW course was positive. I really enjoyed the activities and discussions without it eating too much into my working day.

All of the online sessions were very well organised and informative. The main highlight for me was the self reflection. Very rarely to do you get the chance to actually reflect on your role and what works well or could be even better.

Also, the course created a platform that allowed you to exchange experiences with others. I have made changes to the way I work with students and what I would advise others. I found the note taking and proofreading of particular benefit.

The course improved my confidence and most definitely added value to my role. Thank you BRITE for creating the opportunity to gain a qualification that is specific to this role that encourages, outlines and promotes good practice and high standards. It gives much-deserved recognition to a very challenging role.

Find out more about the course and apply online on our website.

Thanks to Julie McHoul for giving us permission to share her feedback. Julie participated in vESW during the 2011/2012 session. She works at Ayr College where she is an Education Support Advisor.

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