Remote DSA Needs Assessment

IdeenIn 2011, the University of the Highlands and Islands achieved validation as an assessment centre, authorised to conduct needs assessments for the purposes of Disabled Students’ Allowance (DSA).

The university’s innovative use of video conferencing for needs assessment can benefit learners who would otherwise incur the cost of travelling to an Access Centre elsewhere in Scotland.

This Sharing Stories recording by JISC Scotland and Scotland’s Colleges features members of the UHI team discussing how it all works and the pros and cons involved. Edited to add: Click here to read the case study.

BRITE was delighted to provide guidance to UHI prior to the implementation of Adobe Connect to facilitate online assessments. Since 2010, BRITE has been using Adobe Connect Pro to deliver accredited online training, gaining recognition from Adobe themselves who featured BRITE as a European Success Story.

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