Are you an investor in inclusiveness?

Looking for a way to…

  • Achieve an identifiable quality standard which meets staff and learners’ needs?
  • Provide assurance to other bodies that your organisation’s stakeholders are receiving the best service?
  • Reassure prospective learners and other stakeholders that inclusiveness is embedded in practice, and is not merely an ambitious statement of intent?

IiI logo mediumInvestors in Inclusiveness® provides step-by-step guidance on how to evaluate and improve service delivery. This charter mark, developed by BRITE, enables organisations to take a structured and planned approach to embedding inclusiveness at the centre of what they do and provides a straightforward, robust framework in which to do so.

Available to the FE/HE sectors, Investors in Inclusiveness focuses specifically on the achievement of inclusiveness across whole organisations – and within all policies and practices.  BRITE will support each organisation to effectively implement inclusive practices, to evaluate these and to highlight good practice.

Investors in Inclusiveness is being piloted NOW! We expect to officially launch the charter mark in May 2013. Note your interest in participating, or request more detailed information from

® Investors in Inclusiveness is a registered trade mark of The BRITE Initiative

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