A BRITE approach to eLearning

All BRITE courses – including SQA-accredited Professional Development Awards in Inclusiveness, Dyslexia and Learning Support – are available to study entirely online.

eLearning has obvious benefits in removing geographical barriers, minimising time away from other commitments and reducing environmental impact. BRITE also sees eLearning as an opportunity to employ a diverse mix of learning tools and to create real communities of practitioners.

“I really enjoyed the online learning experience. I had taken part in online learning more than ten years ago and did not like the solitude of the experience. However, obviously as technology has progressed so has the online learning environment.  I loved the idea that my peers were literally spread across the length and breadth of Britain. This meant we had a widespread view of learning and support.” Participant, vPDA Dyslexia

The live, virtual classroom experience sits at the core of each of our courses. Using the industry-leading video conferencing platform, Adobe Connect, our virtual classrooms involve presentations, group tasks and opportunities for questions and discussions. All live sessions are recorded and made available to the class to revisit. Early in the development of our eLearning, our use of virtual classrooms won recognition from Adobe when we were featured as an Adobe Success Story.

“I was cautious when first approaching online learning as this was a very new experience for me! I found the experience a positive one overall, and found that the group gelled well after a few sessions. This was helped by the fact that group tasks are integrated into every session and allow group members to get to know one another virtually by sharing ideas and examples of good practice.” Participant, vPDA Dyslexia

In addition to the live virtual classroom experience, course participants benefit from on-going tasks, building an ePortfolio and contributing to discussions via a customised Moodle forum and email alerts.

Comprehensive background reading and engaging videos are also provided, to be accessed when convenient. Tasks typically involve participants reflecting on their own practice and learning from the experiences of others on the course.

“I have just completed a very interesting and worthwhile course with BRITE and on reflection I think that it is one of the best CPD courses I have ever been involved in. Everyone at BRITE should be delighted with their new course, I hope that many more people in support roles will avail themselves of it.” Participant, vMCB (Managing Challenging Behaviour, a component of PDA Learning Support)

Interested in developing your own web-based course and looking for some help? Contact us on enquiries@brite.ac.uk or on +44 (0)1383 749605 to ask about consultancy, training and hosting.

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