The main aim of the BRITE Initiative is to encourage inclusive practice in teaching and learning.

We do this by offering a wide range of activities and resources including:

  • Professional training, accredited by the Scottish Qualifications Authority, both online and face-to-face at a range of locations.
  • Themed seminars which focus on specific aspects of inclusive practice or assistive technology.
  • Regular, free, 1 hour webinars. Recordings of these enable anyone to access the content later.
  • Online resources on useful topics like transition, dyslexia, and support for deaf students.
  • Assistive technology loan/evaluation scheme.
  • Consultancy and besopke training/advice.


BRITE (Beattie Resources for Inclusiveness in Technology and Education) came about as a result of the Beattie Committee Report “Implementing Inclusiveness; Realising Potential”, which emphasised the importance of creating inclusive, accessible learning opportunities – equipped to welcome and provide for students with a diverse range of abilities, aspirations and support needs.


BRITE is based in Dunfermline, Scotland. Our team works across the country… and beyond! Rather than having our own training centre, we now deliver face-to-face training in a variety of locations, usually further and higher education institutions. This has enabled more people than ever before to participate. We also use the high quality live conferencing platform, Adobe Connect, to deliver accredited courses, free webinars, and mentoring services.

Find out more

To find out more about BRITE, please visit our website at www.brite.ac.uk. On the home page you can sign up to receive BRITE eNews.

BRITE eNews is an email newsletter which is sent out around 6 times a year containing advance notice of training opportunities, useful news and occassional job vacancies requesting BRITE qualifications.

Comments and suggestions

We welcome comments and ideas for future content. If you know of a forthcoming event, or would like to share any information that might be of interest to our readers, please contact the blog editor at kmote@brite.ac.uk

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