Engaging students through collaborative learning tools

Looking for ideas on how to engage new students this academic session? Struggling to get students to work effectively on projects outside the classroom, especially those who may be more introverted in groups?

Perhaps one of a range of available collaborative learning tools (CLTs) could be the answer? CLTs lend themselves equally well to courses delivered online, or face to face.

photo of suzanne ehrlichDr Suzanne Ehrlich of the University of Cincinnati has experience of using a range of tools to great effect in her online courses for sign language interpreters.

In a guest webinar for BRITE, Dr Ehrlich discussed what online collaboration actually means – and the challenges involved. She also provided demonstrations of some of her favourite CLTs (VoiceThread, Glogster, Google Community and Dipity) and talked about how to integrate these tools to coursework to promote critical thinking and co-creation of knowledge.

A recording of ‘Engaging students through collaborative learning tools’ is free to view any time in our webinar archive, or skip to the slides here, which contain lots of links to useful resources.