Seen at BETT – Software

Before I start with interesting software I saw at BETT there is one development I didn’t mention in the hardware post:

Livescribe Sound Stickerssound stickers

Livescribe Smartpens are a great note taking tool; recording audio and linking it to your written notes.  There are some strange and confusing add-ons for the pen (see the Geometric Ruler App instructions for instance) so I was a little skeptical when I saw the Livescribe Sound Stickers.  These sticky dots are recognised by the Livescribe pen in the same way as the paper in the Livescribe notebooks.  You tap a sound sticker with the pen and then record a message.  The next time you tap that dot, the message is played back.

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New version of Co:Writer word prediction and literacy support software

A new, enhanced version of the long-established word prediction and literacy support software, Co:Writer, was launched at the Scottish Learning Festival in September. Providing contextualised support to learners who have difficulty with spelling, typing, or translating thoughts into writing, Co:Writer retains its intelligent support features, but now has an even easier-to-use interface plus additional handy tools.

Details of new features, training opportunities and great prices for Scottish education are outlined below, but why not enjoy a proper look at Co:Writer by accessing some short online video demonstrations? Visit the Co:Writer page and click on ‘Watch the Product Demo’ for an introduction.

You’ll then have access to lots of other video resources. If you’re new to the software, have a look at ‘What sets Co:Writer apart?’ which explains the ways in which the support Co:Writer provides differs from other types of word prediction software, in particular its Linguistic Word Prediction system, which identifies the grammatical value of words to support learners to write correctly structured sentences.

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